Precision Brick Cutting & Bonding Special Shapes "Made to Measure".

Internal Cut and Bond Angles.

The internal cut and bond angles also know as a “dogleg” – provides a faster and better looking alternative to using cut standard bricks with a mortar joint.

Stretched bond is easily obtained with using cuts placed next to the special and true vertical corners can easily be achieved due to the regular shape of the brick.

If you have a brick with a textured face then it may be advisable to have a left and right hand bricks made, smooth face monotone bricks can be used on either hand if required.

External Cut and Bond Angles.​

Used as an alternative to the cut and bond angled brick (AN1) this external angled brick gives better looking bonding detail at angled corners.

External angles can be made to any standard or non-standard angle. If you have a brick with a textured face then it may be advisable to have left and right bricks made, smooth face monotone bricks can be used either hand if required.


Info here about squint cuts.

Single Cant.

Info here about Single Cant cuts.

Gable Cuts

Gable cuts save avaluable construction time on site by providing a ready made solution to the often difficult task of providing a neat finish to the raking cuts on a gable end.

These cuts are pre-made in the main brick type and then if the bricklayer requires a smaller cut he simply cuts the square end off the brick.

Gable cuts can be supplied as left and right hand bricks for a standard gable end. If you have a monopitch roof then either left or right hand bricks are required. Cuts can be made to match any roof angle.

Plinth Return

A plinth return is used to form a right angled corner on a plinth course. They can be either right or left hand. While it is possible to use just either a left or right hand brick for a project if it is advisable to have equal numbers of each to hand to give the best bonding options at the time of laying.

Brick Technical Services will be pleased to advise on the number and type of bricks to be used for a project.

Plinth Stretchers

Plinth stretchers provide an attractive method of reducing wall thickness and give a classic and prestigious look to the base of a wall.

Alternatively they can be used as a visually appealing means of increasing the wall length at a gable corbel or shoulder.

Brick Technical Services plinth stretchers can be made in the main walling brick type or as a contrasting feature special brick to emphasise the wall detail.

Standard Specials

All angle, squints or cants can be manufactured left or right handed. We can satisfy most requests and will work from customer supplied templates.


"Brick Technical Services are one of the most professional and customer friendly sub-contractors for Taylor Wimpey. They will go above and beyond what is asked of them. Their workmanship is of a high standard, they are also willing to spend their time to build up a relationship with their clients. Would definitely recommend
Paul McLoughlin Taylor Wimpey site manager
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