Brick Technical Services Limited

There are many possible variations on the format and shape of decorative arches.  Brick Technical Services can produce a wide range of brick arches, flat arches, semicircular, segmental, bullseye, tudor and gothic arches are some of the designs available.

Arches can be produced to suit any opening size and a variety of face heights, depths and bond patterns, and can incorporate a key in natural stone, brick or artstone.  Mortar joints are typically 10mm but they can be any thickness such as flat gauged arches which traditionally have a 3mm joint.

Preformed arches - The arch bricks are set out within a former and carefully bonded together using recessed spacers.  Some spacers are left unbonded so if the arch is supplied in sections they are easily lifted into place,  The finished arch is precisely the correct size,  joints are simply pointed up on site by the bricklayer.  The finished arch is indistinguishable from a traditionally laid one.

Leightweight Arches - Arch slips are bonded on a reinforced lightweight concrete backing.   The recessed joints can be pointed up on site by the bricklayer and the finished arch is then placed on a lintel.


Constructed with cement fibreboard and a polyurethane infill to give a strong and very light product.








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